If Sigmar Polke Dreamt of Sheep
Audio-visual composition "If Sigmar Polke Dreamt of Sheep" aims to investigate the work of German painter Sigmar Polke (1941-2010) through the use sound and interdependent motion collage. In his work Polke largely relied on the use of mass media images, raster-dot printing technique and collage to question the validity and truth of pop cultural objects, mass media & advertising industry. Through examining color palettes, geometric shapes and compositional structure of 3 of artist's paintings: "Ägyptischer Sternenhimmel, (Wir Kleinbürger)" (1976), “Pille” (1976), "Zwei Köpfe, Kartoffelköppe (Mao & LBJ)" (1965), the sound score is reflective of their complex textures and layers. Kira attempted to render a sonic dimension to the elements on canvas, bringing them to life and offering a new add-on value to the fabric of Polke's art.

"If Sigmar Polke Dreamt of Sheep" (8'53") is a compositional journey in 3 chapters, each lasting around 3 min.

Presented at Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow for Sound Thought Music Festival 2016
Presented during Visual Music Festival in Mexico City in July 2016