“Grounded” (10’36”) is an acousmatic piece created by Kira Belin in collaboration with Los Angeles based photographer Lisa Talbot for a final presentation at a gallery space alongside the artist’s photo series of the same title. Examining the relationships between sound and image, our dialogue aims to crystalize into an immersive installation in a gallery setting. The photographer’s work is focused on exploring dimensions beyond the physical, delving into subconscious and revealing abstract themes. Lisa builds small scale aquarium environments and photographs and films them as they change and evolve over long periods of time. The collaboration’s final goal is to change the process of looking and appreciating photography from a 2D perspective into a multidimensional practice.

Installation “Grounded” aims to be as physical of an experience for an attendee as possible. This is achieved by being represented in space by both visual and sound dimensions as a singular unit. Expanding and dematerializing photography from two-dimensional art object into an experiential practice is achieved by adding sound & contemporary music elements. It is intentional for the viewer not only to be able to see the documented environment through the walls of aquarium, but also to be able to hear through these glass walls. John Cage in his essay Architecture of Silence noted that “contemporary music acts in such a way that one can 'hear through' a piece of music just as one can see through some modern buildings or see though a wire sculpture by Richard Lippold or the glass of Marcel Duchamp” (Joseph, 85). So too the project Grounded offers a transparency, ephemerality and active transformation from spectatorship into participation.